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The demand for alternative and integrated health products is growing rapidly, especially among the elderly population. In the self-care arena, where an increasing number of people are using alternative medicines to take charge of their health,

The internal Jade Massage Heads of The RHC Thermal Massage Bed is uniquely designed to apply heat, pressure, and massage accurately to those acupuncture
Finger Pressure Effect

RHC Thermal Massage accelerates blood circulation by warming up blood vessels around the spine, and at the same time, it supplies clean blood to the body by dissolving dirty blood lumps around the spine. Increasing the temperature inside the spine also helps generate blood from the marrow. Acupressure (finger pressing) effect and heat combined boost the energy level. The combination of acupressure and heat accelerates recovery of damaged or misaligned spine, eases pain, and speeds up the rate of metabolism.

Principals of Therapy
  • Acupressure
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Chiropratic

  • Far Infrared
  • Importance of Spine
  • Jade
  • Negative Ions
NM- 5000    NM-4000 RH-C005
Roller assembly for spine massage JADE Tourmanium JADE
No. of rollers and width for above 6pc-70mm +

6 4pc-70mm +

1pc -80mm +

1pc round
Roller assembly for Leg massage NO NO JADE
No. of rollers and width for above NO NO 4pc-100mm
Tourmanium ceramic disc YES NO YES
Carbon fibreand lower legs are benefitied through this thera NO NO YES
Programme 2 + Manual ** 5 + Manual
Attachment with the bed 5 ball, LF pad 5 Ball 5 ball, 11ball folding
Weight handling capacity ** ** 150 Kg.
Warrantee 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Other Benefits are as following :
Cost effective as there is no requirement of any extra equipment for lower part of the body like Mats, massager etc.
Time Saving
Leg massage brings the strongest acupressure area near ankles and lower legs are benefited through this therapy. This is unique features and not available in any other model.
Speedy recovery than normal bed due to internal design of the bed, which results in, increased pressure at specific acupressure points.
More area of the body is covered due to specifically designed rollers and vast area covered in the movement of rollers
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